How to Submit your Information

(we strongly recommend you submit online)


Everyone may submit information to the Bio-Book, not just those attending Saturday night's dinner.
Alumni attending the reunion dinner receive a Bio-Book free, extras may be purchased for $20.
(Read ALL instructions before you begin)
  1. Click on the link to the Bio-Book page
  2. Scroll the top bar to "Del Mar 60-69 (San Jose)"
  3. If you don't see "Del Mar 60-69 (San Jose)" it's too late
  4. If it's still there, fill-in the blanks
  5. First name is how you were known at school
  6. Do NOT use quotes or symbols, i.e. "Bobby" or John & Mary
  8. You can use an apostrophe with your class year, i.e. '68

  1. The next four are Optional
  2. If you give an email address it will appear in the book.
  3. Great Reunions does NOT sell or share email addresses
    (They only print them in the Bio-Books if requested)
  4. Adjust the number of characters so it fits
  5. If you leave these sections blank you can fill them in later
    when you preview your page
  1. Fill-in your biography since high school
  2. Keep it under 860 characters
  3. Proof-read and check spelling
  4. You will have a chance to preview and fix it
  5. Make sure you don't end with a partial sentence

  1. Prepare your photo before you begin
  2. Width 4 inches, height 2.5 inches
  3. Resolution 72, 500 KB max
  4. If you would like us to adjust your photo,
  5. Email it to: DelMarHigh64@yahoo.com
  6. We will fix it and email it back to you.

  1. When done press the "PREVIEW Bio-Sheet" button
  2. Press the button only once
  3. You can do further edits on the next page
  4. Do NOT ever hit the BACK button

  1. This is what it will look like in the Bio-Book
  2. Check each section carefully
  3. If there are errors, scroll down & edit on this page
  4. Do NOT hit the BACK button
  5. Make changes at the bottom of this preview page

  1. If you make changes, hit Preview again
  2. If you are satisfied, hit "Submit Bio-Sheet Now"
  3. You will see a confirmation page
  4. If you gave an email address, you will be sent one
  5. Great Reunions does NOT share email addresses

Whether or not you are attending
any reunion events
Click Here to be included in the

Del Mar '60 - '69 Bio-Book

We strongly recommend submitting
Bio-Book information online
(It's easy, it's neat and it's free)

If you write your information on the form
you received in the mail it will NOT be retyped,
it will appear just as you write it.

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