We Need Your Help to Find Everyone!

Class of '64 LOST LIST

(Updated February 12, 2019)
If you see a friend's name on the List, let us know how to get in touch with them.
If you didn't receive a Save-the-Date postcard, or the registration envelope,
let us know how to get in touch with you.

BIG THANKS! from the '64 Reunion Planning Committee

If you didn't get a postcard or a reunion information packet,
we don't have your contact information.
Send it to:


HELP! We need addresses or contact information
for the following people:


Bach, Carol
Baer, Carol
Balcunas, Edward
Belet, Marie
Bennett, Morris
Bicknell, Merle
Bixby, Doug
Bridgeman, Carole
Chapman, James
Coney, Richard
Conroy, Mike
Cooper, Robert
Cucciara, Rick
Dayton, Patsy
DeLaRosa, Bertha
Dini, Julie FOUND
Dowling, Kathy
Driedger, Suzette
Edwards, Sarah
Emmert, Diane
English, Kerry FOUND
Engelman, Fred

Ferraro, Michele FOUND
Flowers, Mike FOUND
Gardner, Thomas FOUND
Goodman, Janis FOUND
Grits, Georgia FOUND
Hall, Shirley
Hayley, Ken
Harris, Sue
Hosler, Diane
Hughes, Kathleen
Hulet, Mel
Iwanaka, Amy
Johnson, Vernon
Johnston, Jennifer
Karber, Devona
Kettlehut, Joyce
Lopez, Epiphama
Lundberg, Diana
Maule, Peter
McVey, Nancy
Molay, Kathleen
Moore, Neil

Mortkowitz, Barbara
Mowery, Douglas
Noriega, Cesar
Ostermeier, Gunter
Osuna, John
Poczulp, Barbara
Price, Joyce
Ritter, Kenneth
Rodriquez, Karol
Rodriguez, Sally
Romano, Richard
Ross, Robin
Ruffato, Mike FOUND
Schaefer, Dale
Schuler, Sandra
Scott, Robert
Storer, Judith
Sweeney, Tom
Torres, Elaine
Towle, Diana
Wahl, Connie PASSED AWAY
Wardlow, Glenna FOUND
Weitz, Michael FOUND

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