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Pep Club: Margy Cole, Joan Bohnett, Terry Gallagher

Sherry Ring

Jr. Prom: Ronaele Jones, with
Allen Newman

Song Girls & Cheerleaders

Jr Prom - Campbell
Ronaele Jones

1958: Bonnie Patterson,
Connie Young

Aud Ostin-Olsen with her
U.S. mom, Betty Stubenrauch

Mary Lou, Grace Munoz,
Cynthia Niely, Connie Young

Cynthia Neily, Mary Lou,
Connie Young

Pat Liloia

Mary Lou, Connie, Ronaele,Cynthia & Grace

Bonnie Patterson

Scott Tuttle, Julie Phelps,
Lloyd Gillespie

Pat Liloia, Sherry Ring,
Richard Courien, Barry Paulson

Connie Young, Richard Courien

Mascot Grampa Long

Aud's Going Away Party

?, Mike Fisher, Margy Cole, Aud, lloyd, Rich Gugat, Pat Liloia

Harvey Kamamoto &
Margo Pizzo

Margo Pizzo &
Scott Tuttle

Ronaele Jones

Bill Vega

Dick Currier

Julie Phelps, Mr & Mrs Harmon
Joan Bohnett

Aud & Ronaele
(Not really smoking)

Aud & Jean Voytek
(Not really smoking)

Pat Stripp & Julie Phelps

Bobbi Triguera, Margy Cole, Aud

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